Saturday, 9 June 2012

June 9th 2012

Something we're discovering about London is that there's lots of free things to do if you look for them. Garry was looking around on the Internet and found this — The London Green Fair — at Regent's Park. We walked up and had a look round.


These guys were weaving sticks. Not entirely sure why.

Herbs to buy. If we had had space I would had bought them all.

Garry and his brolly

Big chicken. Not entirely sure why.

Regge band

Stalls selling lots of very pretty, very expensive things

SO many different types of food

Eco-friendly stalls with The City behind
Iron Man! *boo domp chish*

Garry and I
The main reason we'd come, however, was to see an 80 piece Dutch Wind Orchestra who were absolutely brilliant.

Regent's Park itself is lovely even without the festival. And there are lots of dogs, which is always a good thing in my book. Will be spending quite a lot of time here when it's sunny, I think. Especially since we only saw a small slice of it.

The park

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  1. Quite clearly, from the picture, the point of weaving sticks is to feel good about it ;-)