Sunday, 29 July 2012

Random photos

Here are some random photos from our past few weeks here.

Bench statue

The Mall

Swans and baby swans!

Beautiful alley

Beautiful shopping centre 
Chinatown dinner 
Spoils from the M 'n Ms store

London is lovely

London is lovely x2

Signed for a flat! This is the outside
We move in in four weeks

Had a RIDICULOUS burger from a café near our new flat

Trafalgar Square!


Weird kids' ride outside our local supermarket
Yes, that is Steve Irwin

Garry wandered down to Leicester Square for the premier

London is lovely. See? Lovely

Batman head!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Covent Garden Food Market

Everyone knows how great Covent Garden is, yes? It's full of nice shops and amazing musicians and I could quite happily sit there people watching forever.

But what everyone might now know (I didn't) is that every Thursday, a food market pops up.

It seems to be quite a good/popular one, too, because they were filming with that Gizzi Erskine woman whilst we were there.

We didn't pay much attention to that, though. A frappucino and a slice of cake had us happy.

And we still managed to see some fabulous musicians, too...

So whilst Covent Garden is always fun to go to, make an extra special effort if you're there on a Thursday. It's definitely worth it.

Madam Tussauds

So, what have we been up to since our last update?

Well, we used our two-for-one vouchers to go to Madam Tussauds! We hung out with actors...

Absolutely rocking ginger queens...


And then more scientists...

And artists...

And superheroes...

And more superheroes...

And even more superheroes...

And then we nipped up the road to Baker Street, where I was photographed outside Sherlock Holmes's place. Awesome.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Over a month

It's been over a month since we wrote here. Sorry! I have to pop back to Nuneaton several times, we both started work and I'm actually working two jobs at the moment, so we haven't been going out quite as much.

We do have Madame Tussauds photos to share, though, so I promise I'll update soon with more adventures.

Amy x

Sunday, 10 June 2012


We found a real gem of a place to eat last night.

Amici is on Holloway Road, about 15 minutes walk from our place. After the festival yesterday we went for coffee with a friend and ended up staying there until 7pm; by the time we got home we were really, really flipping hungry. Garry wanted pizza and we were perfectly fine with the idea of just getting a takeaway...but then we found this place.

 It serves pasta, meat and fish dishes and pizza, as well as specials. I was sorely tempted by the special of the trout with orange butter, thrice cooked chips and butternut squash, and the beef ravioli with a butter and balsamic dressing, but in the end I had to have a Mexican pizza.

And Garry had a pizza with pancetta, spinach and goat's cheese. Both were, quite frankly, amazingly good, and served with a bottle of olive oil that was flavoured with chilli and goodness knows what else. Completely delicious.

I was so full I didn't want dessert, but then they brought these over...

That's a brownie pie with vanilla ice-cream at the top and a creme brulée on the bottom. Amazing.

It's not particularly expensive, the atmosphere is nice, the staff are friendly and it's just delicious. Probably my favourite place we've eaten so far.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

June 9th 2012

Something we're discovering about London is that there's lots of free things to do if you look for them. Garry was looking around on the Internet and found this — The London Green Fair — at Regent's Park. We walked up and had a look round.


These guys were weaving sticks. Not entirely sure why.

Herbs to buy. If we had had space I would had bought them all.

Garry and his brolly

Big chicken. Not entirely sure why.

Regge band

Stalls selling lots of very pretty, very expensive things

SO many different types of food

Eco-friendly stalls with The City behind
Iron Man! *boo domp chish*

Garry and I
The main reason we'd come, however, was to see an 80 piece Dutch Wind Orchestra who were absolutely brilliant.

Regent's Park itself is lovely even without the festival. And there are lots of dogs, which is always a good thing in my book. Will be spending quite a lot of time here when it's sunny, I think. Especially since we only saw a small slice of it.

The park